Nicaragua – Day 1

Today was Team Nicaragua and Team Dominican Republic’s (now rebranded as Team Nicole’s Place) first day of StayWeek (now rebranded as GoATX)! 

Team Nicaragua began the day by meeting at the CLC to park and then going to the Library, where we had a small meeting with the other teams, before splitting off to do a team devotional! We soon loaded the vans and headed over to Nicole’s Place. 

Upon our arrival, we regrouped with Team Dominican Republic and immediately were put to work. We were divided into groups; some of us were sent to help dig trenches and fill them with pipeline, others worked on digging holes in order to plant several bushes and trees, and others started helping to clean up and decorate some of the homes. 

We worked all day, and whenever one job was finished, everyone would move onto the next unfinished job. The founder of Nicole’s Place, Lisa Knapp from Austin20, met with us in the middle of our day. She explained to us why Nicole’s Place is so special, and why she care’s so much about the cause, even going so far as to offer some of the testimonials she’s witnessed. Lisa’s talk was very insightful, and I believe that it truly put a lot of heart into our team. After her meeting with us, it was obvious that everyone worked with renewed efforts and strength. We were all driven to make a difference in whatever way possible. 

At the end of the day, everyone was exhausted but pleased with the work they had done. Both Team Nicaragua and Team Dominican Republic worked extremely hard and our efforts will continue into the rest of the week.