Pillow Elementary – Day 2

Today at Pillow Elementary, the aim for group members Josh and Jared were to write and teach the first-grade class a new song for their upcoming school-wide performance on Friday. Another helper, Jilly, also spent time with the kids to teach them the lyrics and rhythm of the song. Group members Jason and Catherine helped Mrs. Rose to prepare for Friday’s performance by making costumes for the kids and decorating her bulletin board. They traced and cut out shapes of lightning bolts to represent superheroes, the class theme, and fruits and vegetables to represent the importance of maintaining a healthy diet. Meanwhile, group members Jasmine and Catherine worked one-on-one with other first graders, quizzing them on their reading skills and teaching them in the process. All of our helpers feel satisfied after a day of hard work with the kids, and they are excited to keep up the pace through the rest of the week. We ask that students or teachers in other groups continue to pray for our spirit to serve as we move on through the week.