Guatemala – Day 2

Our amazing team has been able to do some cool things each day before heading out to serve. Every morning, we get to hear a student led devotional and have a brief time of praise and worship. It is very refreshing to start each day together in the presence of the Lord. In addition to volunteering to speak to the team and lead worship, each student signed up to provide a part of the sack lunches we prepared today for Foundation Communities. It has been incredible to se each and every person be so willing to step up and volunteer themselves. Today we were a force to be reckoned with, packing lunches for 45 people, and a lot of extras! Each sack contained a sandwich, chips, piece of fruit, and a cookie. Each bag was hand decorated with a sweet message of encouragement.  We also brought salad, drinks, and lots of games to play with the residents. One of our students even brought a photo booth! It was a very special treat for the people there. Once we were all at the apartment building, we set out the food near their lounge area and served the residents as they made their way down the line. Meanwhile, several students were setting up the photo booth in the main lobby. For the next few hours we spent time with the residents, who got to play games, eat lots of good food, and get a bunch of photos made. 

Please continue to pray for our team and leaders as we hit the halfway mark of the week. We want to maintain the high energy we’ve had so far all the way to the end! Furthermore, please pray for the residents at Foundation Communities and this amazing organization as a whole. Tomorrow, we will continue our work at Down Home Ranch by clearing out a pasture, so pray for lasting strength and cool weather! Thank you for your continued support. 

– Abbie Seale