Pillow Elementary – Day 3

Today, one focus of some students today, Jared and Josh, was to help Mrs. Pearlman, a second grade teacher, do garden work. We were joined by an elderly couple who were familiar with the surrounding gardens in the campus and clearly very experienced in landscaping. Our goal was to prepare a small piece of mulch in front of the portables for future planting. First, we used forks to dig up the mulch while pulling out weeds and collecting them in bags to throw away. Next, we wheeled a wheelbarrow to a pile of dark mulch which we then filled the barrow with. We dumped the mulch onto the piece of land and worked to mix and even the soils together. This was hard work that took a while, but we enjoyed the fulfillment that came from helping the community and this older couple. Meanwhile, Brock had a special moment while comforting a first grader who got hurt while playing basketball. Brock said he managed to calm the kid down and in the process, got to talk with him and know him. Right after, Brock even sat with the kid and his class during lunch. Another special moment for group member James was when he reunited with a student he remembered from last year. The two, along with other kids, played a game of basketball. We ask that fellow students and teachers continue to pray for our willingness to serve and strengthen us to finish off the week strong.