The Church on Congress Avenue – Day 3

Today was day three of our adventure! Some new tasks came today. While we continued to cut out flyers and name tags and continued sanding wooden blocks, we began to cut out the name tags we designed at our previous GoWeek meetings. We set up tarps outside for a bouncy house that we got to blow up and clean, before putting it away later on. Some of us worked on making cascarones (confetti eggs) this afternoon, too.

We also began to work on a set for TCCA’s upcoming VBS, which included cutting foam with a hot knife, painting and spray painting barrels and boxes, and building props and sketching outlines for their cutouts. Jin, who was working on the props this afternoon said “The activities will be fun when they’re done, even though they’re hard to create, it’s easier when you picture the kids having fun with them and it’s worth it.” Lauren’s favorite thing is hanging out with friends and teachers, in fact we’ve all had fun hanging out and getting work done with each other for the people of this community! Tomorrow is our last day here – please pray for us as we finish our work!