Ireland – Day 3

After sleeping in this morning, we met up at school and hopped on our bus to head to the location of the day. Our adventure led us back to the lovely St. Luke’s on the Lake Episcopal Church. After unloading some tools and grabbing paints and pool noodles, we got to work painting our Dragons nest! With the dragon eggs completed when we last visited, we were determined to finish all of the components for the medieval nest. With some members working to put up a beautiful cross along the mindfulness path behind the building, others stayed inside and painted. While the girls were jamming out to music, painting, having a fun time making the vision that the church had imagined come to life, the boys slipped out to run an errand and grab a sweet surprise. Celebrating the birthday of Mary Claire, the boys brought back yummy ice cream sweets and refreshing sodas for everyone, which we enjoyed while we sang to her. Today’s tasks, assigned by our friends at the church, was pushing to get ready for the Vacation Bible School events put on every year for the children involved with the church. The staff and everybody involved with St. Luke’s put on this program to help children learn about and get closer to Jesus. With every component that goes into this project, we were thrilled to be a part of such an impactful project and glad we could help the sweet people at St. Luke’s on the Lake Episcopal Church. We had a wonderful day and hope to come back in the future!