Putting Our Community First!

Today for Go Week our 7th-grade kiddos had the opportunity to pack boxes of food for our friends at Community First! Village. We gave our students a “shopping list” and a recipe to follow to make sure that each box had the correct ingredients. We then wrote letters of encouragement and made bracelets with words of encouragement to help uplift our friends at the Village. It was an amazing project that allowed our students to learn about homelessness and hunger in our area. After our service, we were treated to Mighty Fine! Burgers and Kona Ice by one of our families. Thank you for an amazing GoWeek!

Final Day – Nicole’s Place South

Wow! What a way for us to end our week of service!! We all met on top of the hill where our students built the fire pit, and we had a chapel service around a campfire. Students led us in worship and many shared about what the week meant to them. We received some letters of thanks from the residents as well as this beautiful painting they made for us. God definitely was in our midst this morning as we were reminded of the redeeming love He has for all of us. 


Nicole’s Place South – Wednesday

Wednesday was filled with completing all the projects we started! We completed the fire pit and picnic area projects, completed the hammock area, and cleared a walking trail on the grounds for the residents to further enjoy all the natural beauty they are surrounded by while staying out there. We also continued to have some great conversations with the residents as well as have fun playing outdoor games with them.

Last Day of GO Week!

After the devotional to start our day, we wrote letters to children at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. After some teambuilding time, we put together some Easter Decorations for a local senior assisted living facility. It was a joy to serve with the kids for the week, and we hope everyone enjoys a much needed Spring Break!