7/8 Grade Austin: Day 4

Today we helped our Church Under the Bridge by writing about 300 notes for them to pass out to the homeless and hurting people in our community! We then went and helped 4k-2nd grade during their culture fair. We got to “visit” Costa Rica, Jamaica, the Bahamas, and Guatemala while the ES classes taught us about each of the different country’s cultures. It was so much fun to see our middle schoolers interacting and helping our elementary students!! We look forward to the Batten Disease Fun Run tomorrow and helping the Benson family to beat Batten! God is doing amazing things and moving the hearts of our students in amazing ways!!

7/8 Austin Day 3


5FFDD310-4B83-42EB-96FC-5936D2B6063E834A0BC4-2F37-4BF7-BCE9-78F41F12E7C86D4EDD0F-9CA7-44DB-A759-715C69AC9B3FA0D5365B-CDAF-4A51-A95E-7C5E381ABE09B13BA501-C09F-4537-820D-2A6A76CA91CA823ED75E-B2E2-417C-B74A-C07E59F5AA05.jpegWhat an exhausting day of serving we had today! We started today off at the Central Texas Food Bank helping organize, sort, and pack meals. We sorted 7,500 pounds of dry goods to make 6,250 meals for our community. We got to work alongside our 5th graders and it was so much fun! The energy that was in the packing/sorting room was incredible! It was fun to see the middle schoolers work alongside the 5th graders! After we got back to the Speedway campus and ate lunch, we went on a Prayer Walk around the Hyde Park neighborhood with our 4k and 1st graders. Seeing the smiles on our ES kiddos’ faces was the highlight of my day! We are excited for helping the ES tomorrow during their culture fair!

7/8 Austin Day 2

Today we served our Elementary teachers. We held a luncheon for our ES teachers so that they could fellowship together while we watched their classes. Mrs. Miller, Mrs. Finley, Ms. Horst, and Mrs. Aaron provided the soups/salads and coffee, while our students brought the cutlery, bowls/plates, napkins, cups, and desserts. While the teachers ate, our students helped to watch the ES students during their lunch time. After making all of the decorations, setting up, serving, and cleaning up, our middle schoolers helped the 2nd and 4th graders organize the canned goods at the Hyde Park Food Pantry. We had an amazing day and we are so excited for going to the Capital Area Food Bank tomorrow!

7th/8th Grade Austin

What an amazing first day of GOweek! Today we went to Austin Creative reuse and helped them sort through all different kinds of items! We helped go through all writing tools that they had in their storage and categorized them accordingly. After a quick lunch, we came back to the Speedway campus and put together and rehearsed the kickoff  chapel for ES GOweek. Our group of middle schoolers picked out the music, planned the speakers, and put it all together for an amazing first day!! We felt God’s presence during 8th grader, Luke Taylor’s chapel talk over prayer. It was amazing to see the amount of faith that he has as a 14 year old. We can’t wait to see what the rest of the week has in store for us! ☺️