Last Day – GoWeek San José

Last day was exhausting but well worth it! We began the day with a very early breakfast at 6:30, then loaded the bus for our excursion. We split up into groups and went on an amazing white water rafting trip which really brought everyone together and was a great way to relax and play after days of work. We ate lunch after the rafting trip, then loaded the bus for a small road trip in the beautiful mountains of Costa Rica. We visited a scenic waterfall on the way to our last destination. After the waterfall, almost everyone fell asleep on the bus ride. We arrived at the souvenir shop and restaurant where we were given a tour about the art and tradition of the town- then we shopped and ate dinner. After quite a long and fun day we loaded the bus and began the drove back to San José. Everyone had an amazing last day, and we truly got to see how we had all come together after only a few short days. Tomorrow we will be leaving bright and early for the flight back to Austin. Pray for safe travels!

Day Three- GoWeek San José

Today was by far the greatest day. We woke up all a little tired after a few days of hard work. We split up into groups for shopping, cleaning, and completing the house. We had the family come to the store and let them pick out anything that they wanted. They at first picked out sunscreen and toothpaste, only the necessities. Eventually we encouraged them enough to get clothes and new socks – which they were very grateful for. We returned to the house and put everything together to prepare for the family. After a few hours it was time for the big reveal. We went in a circle and prayed for them and told them what we hoped for their new home. They were so grateful for their home and the gifts. Thank y’all for providing for the family, they were so grateful. Continue to pray for our last day tomorrow!

Day Two- GoWeek San José

We were told that the second day would be the hardest, but we were pleasantly surprised as everyone was in great spirits today and worked harder than the day before. We woke up this morning, ate breakfast, and loaded the bus towards the work site. When we arrived we prayed, met the family, and got to work. A few kids helped us with painting and hung out for a while. Everyone was at work painting, hammering, measuring, and building. Everyone was working together building singing and having fun. We had subway sandwiches for lunch, and went straight back to work. By the end of the day we had 3 windows to install and one door to trim. Everyone was truly amazed at the progress that had been made in just two days. We were all slightly exhausted from the construction, but still excited with the progress. At 7 we ate dinner at a local restaurant and told funny stories with the whole group. We finished with a small bible study and a circle conversation of our favorite part of the day. Everyone has been amazed at the bonding that has happened with our group in a few short days, and also the progress we have made by all working together. Please keep us and the family in your prayers!

Day One- GoWeek San José

Today was both amazing and very tiring. We got to the hotel at around 12:30, and woke up for breakfast at 7:00. When we arrived to the work site it seemed almost impossible to build an entire house in the next couple of days- by the end of the day we were honestly amazed. Everyone worked very hard to get the work done that we needed, and we took turns playing with the kids as well. Part of the team painted while the other two parts worked on the construction side. By the end of the day we had all four walls completed, and we could not believe it. After a long day of work we returned to the hotel to shower, take a nap, or go swimming. Lastly we finished the night at a local restaurant for a relaxing dinner after a long day, followed by a short bible study and recap. I think overall everyone had an amazing time and was amazed at the results. We have already bonded as a team in many ways and we are excited for tomorrow! Please continued to pray for our team and the family we are serving!

One More Day- GoWeek San José

We can’t believe it is already time! We are all getting packed and ready. We all are so excited to build this house and grow close with the family we are helping. Please keep our group and this family in your prayers! We will be serving Johanna and her two children, Carlos and Alejandra, by helping them build and be comfortable in their new home. We truly cannot wait, and we are excited to see what God will teach us this week!