Team Philippines March 13th

Today we went to Jubilee school, a sister school of Masa Ati school. At the school, half of us tutored kids and the other half painted a ceiling of a giant room. After working for a couple hours we went and got Jonah’s shake. They were delicious!! As we drank our shakes we went back to Vista house to eat lunch. When we finished eating we got ready to go island hopping!

We had three stops during our island hopping trip. First was Magic Island where we did cliff jumping. Everyone really enjoyed it! We even made Koy jump and had the whole island shouting “Go Koy!” Then we went snorkeling at the other two stops and saw some really cool coral and fish!!! I got videos of it on my gopro so I will post those soon!

Once we got off the boat we went back to the house to get changed for dinner. It’s been a wonderful night. The Philippines is so beautiful and everyone is so friendly.

Tomorrow we have Masa Ati’s foundation day. We’ll have another big day of playing games with the Ati. Continue to pray for the Ati community and for strength for our team.


Team Philippines March 12th

We had a full day of service at Masa Ati school. It was a tiring day but it was all worth it. Half of the group did tutoring with the kids and helped them with math and reading. The other half (the guys) dug a hole to help start building new classrooms. For lunch, Coach Clod took us to a river and we swam and jumped from trees. After lunch, we went back to Masa Ati school to tutor and dig holes again. After a little while we got assigned to 4 teams for the school’s foundation day. We got in our groups and played volleyball and basketball. The kids were really good at both sports and they pick up things very quickly. When school ended, we went to one of the four Ati villages to worship, read a bible story, and feed the kids dinner.

When the feeding ended, we took the ferry back to the Vista House to quickly change and get swim suits. We swam for about an hour before dinner. Everyone was really tired and fell asleep right after.

Please pray for the Masa Ati school and its Foundation day on Thursday. Also for our group to continue to have strength and finish the week strong!

Team Philippines March 11th


That is hello in Tagalog or Filipino.

We are finally at our destination in Boracay. We flew on a 30 minute flight from Manila to Caticlan this morning. Once we got to Caticlan we saw the Masa Ati school and wow has it changed! I went on this trip last year and its crazy and inspiring to see how the school has improved! The school made us a wonderful lunch and then we went on a tour of the school and visited the classrooms. After the tour, we went through some of the Ati villages and came to a rice field. We had a group of kids and we sang songs, listened to a bible story, played tag and duck duck goose and gave the kids dinner. It was so much fun. We then left the school and came to the jetty port which is the ferry to Boracay where we are staying for the next few days. Before dinner, we went on the beach and saw the BEAUTIFUL sunset. We live on such a gorgeous Earth.

Everyone is so excited to go back to the school tomorrow. Please pray for our health and safety while we play and work for the Masa Ati school!!!

Team Philippines Monday March 11th

We have stayed one night in Manila at the wonderful Hotel Jen. For our first night we went to dinner where some of the guys fell asleep at the table. We then walked around Manila Bay where many Filipinos took pictures and videos of us walking past. We felt like celebrities. After walking back to the hotel, some went to their rooms while some went to Harrison Plaza Mall for some shopping. We saw a lot of fake designer wallets, purses, and shoes. In one store there was karaoke and we made Mr. Severino sing a song it was the funniest thing!

We are now waiting for the flight to Boracay and then we’re FINALLY heading to Masa Ati school where we will be serving for the next four days!! Everyone is so excited to see the kids and play with all of them! Thank you for all your prayers for our travels.

Team Philippines Sunday March 10th

We have just arrived in Taipei Taiwan! After 16 hours of being on a plane everyone is really excited to be in Manila in a few hours. Everyone got to explore the Taipei airport and we got the Hello Kitty Gate again this year! We’re about to get on the flight to Manila in a few minutes. Please continue to pray for our travels!!