Bahamas Day 7

We had a a trash container delivered to the Sandbanks and arrived in the morning to start cleaning up.  The community is filled with trash partly because they don’t really have anywhere to put it!  The last few years during GoWeek we have loaded up trucks and hauled off trash with just a little help here and there from women in the community.  We always engage the younger kids not in school to help us – hoping to teach them new habits!  This year, with the container in place and a plan to have it emptied monthly – even the men in the community joined in to help.  In just a few hours we filled an entire 30 yard container with another pile that will fill it again!  It truly was an incredible experience to be working with the community instead of just for them.  Our HP kids were lifting cast iron tubs, hauling freezers that had been sitting full for probably months or years (YUCK!), and filling bags and bags of trash.  In the end we had hugs and God’s blessings from people in the community!   Needless to say that everyone needed a quick rinse before we headed to the school to finish our garden and play with the kids one last afternoon.  Hot and tired your kids stepped up to mix concrete, finish setting rocks, haul soil and plant seeds/plants to complete the memorial vegetable garden for a teacher that helped us get our ministry started.  Just as we finished the bell rang and we were able to play with the kids for an hour while they waited for the bus.  The day not yet over 🙂 we headed to the community for last good-byes, helping with homework and a few tears.  Our HP kids truly had an impact on everyone in the community!


Bahamas Day 6

IMG_1015IMG_0961IMG_1035IMG_1005IMG_1010IMG_0955IMG_0970IMG_1000IMG_1045Best day yet!  Today we had an all day VBS for Treasure Cay Primary.  We started very early this morning prepping 150 hot dog lunches and headed to the school at 7:45!  We set up 12 stations of mini rockets, basketball whiffle ball, soccer, paracords, ring pop walks, polaroids and many more!

We had kids assigned to each grade and they had them all day – for 7 hours!  We started in the classroom writing our verse on shirts: Eph 2:10  “We were created in Christ, Jesus to do good works” and we taught them the Praise and Worship song and dance – Every Breath I Take!  Yes, even the boys learned the dance during our evenings at the house!
Then our kids spent the day rotating to different stations every 15 minutes – they went from station to station shouting their team chants and ended all together with a great talk from Coach Carp and a dance party!  We also had all 150 kids sing Happy Birthday to Ms. Kammy who has been tirelessly cooking our meals and doing everyones laundry daily!
Finally home at 5:30 to see how the locals climb coconuts down from the tree and open them with the machete!
We rewarded the teams hard work with dinner on the beach!  Your kids had their patience tested today with some having as many as 33 kids to two leaders in the class – they handled it with amazing grace!
Technical difficulties loading photos – Stay Tuned!

Bahamas Day 5

Yesterday was HOT!  We worked at the primary school all day.  Started by prepping an area for a memorial garden and cleaning weeds and weed barrier off of the playground.  Took at break at recess to play with the kids, worked a bit more and played with the kids at lunch.  We also had a sweet reunion with Reagan and Bianca who met on our first Go Week trip 4 years ago.  Reagan joined us again and Bianca has not left her side since!  We finished off the day by making 150 pillows with each kid in the classroom that’s about 7500 knots tied!  Then we got to do some PE with the kids to finish off the day.  With 85 deg and 100% humidity the kids were all sweaty and dirty so we made a quick stop at the blue hole and jumped in to cool off.  We came home to an amazing beef tenderloin meal prepared by the Wests!!!

Feel so blessed to be with your kids.

Team Bahamas- First Grade, March 13, 2019

Today first grade learned about some valuable organizations in Austin, Food in Tummies and Partnerships for Children. We made finishing touches for our Bahamas room to display tomorrow at cultural fair. 1st grade is really excited to share what they learned with the rest of 4K-2nd grade.

Later in the day, we went on a prayer walk with middle school and 4K where we walked around the neighborhood and passed out encouraging notes. We also prayed for the people in the neighborhood. Our first graders were so excited to get paired up with a 4K and middle school buddy! 1st grade also worked on some notes of encouragement for the Music team, which they will hand out tomorrow. We are looking forward to two more fun days of Go Week!

Team Bahamas- First Grade, March 12th, 2019

We had a great 2nd day of Go Week! 1st grade collected over 120 cans for the Hyde Park food bank and enjoyed learning about how the food bank reaches 4 zip codes! We learned about the Ronald McDonald House and delivered our cards to Westminster staff. Some of us even got to play volleyball with the residents! 1st grade also continued learning more about the Bahamas and created more props for the cultural fair. We had fun making fish and a long paper chain out of colors from the Bahamas flag. We closed up the day with prayer for the group of HP high school students who are helping schools for the Bahamas.

Bahamas Day 4

Well…due to weather forecast and the schedule at the school we got to have our free afternoon today!  It was an incredible day of feeding the wild stingrays, swimming and feeding the sea turtles, swimming with the pigs and snorkeling a reef!  Came home for a quick nap and went into the Sandbanks to play with the kids and help with homework until dark.  Home and prepped for a day at the school tomorrow – so thankful for this team.


Bahamas Day 2

What a great day!  Early morning devotional, then getting ready for beach day with 75 local kids.  We prepared lunches of  130 Hot Dogs, cookies and juice, and loaded up to grab the kids.  This is one of the kids favorite days of the year, lots of games on the beach, learning to swim, sandcastles, hermit crabs, and a picnic.  Our amazing HP kids played tirelessly for 4 hours.  We came home for a quick snack and then headed out to the bush to gather rock for our community project later in the week.  The kids filled the truck until dark!  After a we dropped our truck load of rock at the school we headed home for a great dinner prepared by our work crew – The West’s – so thankful for them!  Ended the night with praise and worship in the living room – with lead guitarists Jack and John and the voice of an angel – Mrs. Danks.


Day 1 12/8/19 Abaco, Bahamas

We Made It!  This awesome group of Hyde Park Juniors and Seniors arrived in Abaco this afternoon after a very early morning and toting 27 duffles (most of which weighed 50lbs) through three different airports all with smiles!  They arrived around 3:45, we got settled in and went into a community we serve called The Sandbanks.  We met lots of new friends, played soccer, threw the football, painted nails, gave lots of piggy backs and ran lots of races.  Everyone is finally in bed with most of boys sleeping in Enos under the coconut trees !  Many more photos coming tomorrow…