Colombia – Day 3

Another day conquering the hearts of little ones and continuing to be a force at Summit Elementary! We have thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to help kids and make an impact locally; right here in our own backyard (Summit is less than a mile from HP!)

Today, we kept working in the library sorting and putting books away. It was also part II of picture day at the school so we helped the little ones keep occupied while waiting their turn patiently. Many of the students know us by our name now and have been so sweet telling us they miss us and can’t wait to see us at lunch.

We also, continued helping in the classrooms. Gavin guided students in a letter game. Being a teacher aide is hard work. They oversee so many kids while still needing to make copies, hang up bulletins, cut out items; it’s a lot work and we all have a greater appreciation for what teachers do!

And lastly, we tackled the lunchroom again, where we continue to be a HUGE hit not only for the staff who have to do this every day for the kids as well. They play games with us and Ariel has been a student favorite teaching the “Boom, Boom Snap” hand game to many excited kids! They love raising their hands and when asked what we can help them with (if they need a napkin, spoon, etc.) they say um, nothing! Laugh and then give us a huge smile. They have definitely opened up a lot to us and shown us a lot of love.

It’s hard to believe tomorrow is our last day!

Colombia – Day 2

Hey everyone!! Today our team continued working at Summit Elementary School again and we had a blast! We spent the day in the library, laminating papers, making packets, helping with school picture day, and of course getting to spend time with the kids! Yesterday our leaders served in the lunchroom and jumped right in like pro’s! Today, everyone on our team also had the opportunity to work on lunch duty. This entails walking around the cafeteria handing out utensils, napkins, helping open containers, making sure kids stay seated and don’t get too rowdy and also talking to the kiddos. We had a blast today and can’t wait to serve tomorrow 🙂

Abby Shields

Colombia – Day 1

Today we worked at Summit Elementary School and were teacher aids. We divided ourselves and set out to help! Some of the things we got to help with included: tutoring students, making cut outs, organizing teacher items amongst many others! Here is a snapshot of a few of our group’s day:

Dylan G. and I (Riley) helped first grade teachers hang posters and streamers to welcome back a new teacher as she returned to school. We also assisted teachers in their lesson plans for the next day by helping prepare materials and organizing.

Another group, Gavin and Ariel, had the opportunity to help the librarian rotate out the bulletin board and put up new ones. Later they then sorted books and had so much fun!

Dylan R. and Ava hung up posters and spent time with the students in second grade. We all stopped and took a break while enjoying the pizza that was provided for us by a parent. (Thank you so much!) The teachers were all very grateful and thanked us profusely for our work today. Even though we did little things, they had a great impact on the teachers as they could use the time to educate the students and make better use of their time.

Tuesday Blogger: Riley. Pictures: Mrs. Young.