Foster Village- Day 3

On day three, we continued to serve with The Foster Village at their Austin location. Today, we finished building the playhouse, assembled IKEA furniture for their new office, sorted and packed kids’ clothes, built a concrete step, power washed and stained the fence, and made a patio for the backyard. We are so grateful to work with this amazing organization and can’t wait to see the final product tomorrow!

Hand to Hold- Day 3

Our experiences today opened our eyes to the needs of moms who have newborn babies born in great need. Hand To Hold is a non-profit organization holding up the tender needs of moms with babies in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). Our service projects today provided tangible support, allowing moms and babies to bond. Our great joy of creating 500 “Scent Cloths” met their great need of holding onto little lives. We were a team of 8 Sophomore girls.

Foster Village- Day 2

Tenth-grade tudents continued to partner with The Foster Village at their Austin location. On day two, they worked on building the backyard to fit their vision for their organization. They helped dream and plan fun things to do to make their backyard better. To do so, students took apart old fences, power washed, did lots of yard work, painted a turquoise picnic table, built a playhouse, and took trips to Home Depot and IKEA. They can’t wait to see what day three will bring.

Hand to Hold- Day 2

 Hand to Hold is a nonprofit organization that aids families through the NICU stay and infant loss by contributing great resources to the whole family. This nonprofit organization also provides one-on-one mentoring from someone who has been through the same devastating situation. During this week, we have been fortunate enough to work on a variety of different tasks that all contribute toward Hand to Hold. Today, we stitched together several hundred cloths with the “Hand to Hold” logo to give to both the mom and preemie for them to feel connected. We love helping and can’t wait to contribute for the rest of the week! – Mary Morgan Brumley

PS Our photo with the giraffe is symbolic of the giraffe incubator—- an innovative technology that provides an exceptional environment for preemies in the NICU.

Nicole’s Place South- Day 2

Our team worked hard again today! We continued sorting donations and organizing a store for the residents as well as finished making the firepit and stairs going up to it. We also completed the large landscaped bed as well as completed painting the pickleball court and four square court. Of course there again was some volleyball and basketball playing in the midst of it all!

Nicole’s Place North- Day 1

Student’s did a good amount of landscaping: pulling weeds, shoveling rocks, and shoveling some more rocks! They spent most of the day clearing out the flower beds, putting down weed barrier and rocks over it to make it look prettier. They also started painting a wall in front of the house! It will be super colorful and and fun when they are done.

Nicole’s Place South- Day 1

Some of our high school seniors started the morning learning about the mission of the home as well as meeting the residents. The students began making a firepit as well as clearing land for a picnic table area. They sorted donations for the start of a store for the residents to shop from, constructed storage cubby cabinets, dug up dead landscaping, planted new landscaping, and created and painted a pickleball court.  Amongst all the hard work, the students managed to have fun interacting and playing some basketball and volleyball with the residents as well.