Later in the Day- Day 2 of D.C.

The Holocaust Museum remains the most moving tour we experienced. We walked in silence and honor of the victims of World War II.

Ford’s Theatre (which still hosts productions) had the box in which Lincoln was shot. The gun was, surprisingly, minuscule and about the size of a hand.

Dinner was pasta. It was great.

We toured the memorials, this time prepared for the weather and appropriately dressed.

-Ariel (sorry so short, but it is time for me to sleep)

Go Week DC Morning – Day 3

This morning we traveled to Capitol Hill to learn more about our country. We also visited the Library of Congress. The food at the Capital was really good. There was sandwiches and pasta and a few more choices. Overall, we had a fantastic time there.After our visit to the capital, we saw the exterior of the Supreme Court. We learned a little about it, but then we quickly moved on to our afternoon activities. Photo credit for the Supreme Court goes to Colleen.

The morning was very eventful and educational. The entire grade had plenty of fun. We also enjoyed the afternoon, so go check out Ariel’s post for Day 3’s afternoon.

By: Ariel and Katie (but mostly Katie)

The Morning- Day 2 of D.C.

We reluctantly began day two at six in the morning (I’m not complaining Ms. O, I promise) and had a swell breakfast as a group. I highly recommend the froot loops which somehow always taste better in hotels.

The bus drives (which were around thirty minutes the whole day) were filled with the voice of our tour guide, Eleanor, who pop quizzed us on our presidential knowledge. Hint: John F. Kennedy was not the third president, even if we did visit his memorial today.

Taking up the entire first chunk of the day was the Arlington Cemetery. Silence was required of us for most of this part of the day, and we provided by staying below a whisper for a full three hours. The graves formed perfect, satisfying rows and columns that could be seen from the top of the hill.

Nobody spoke a word as we watched the exchange at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier. The presentation was oddly soothing with its repetitive marching and heel clicks. The ceremony ended with four of our boy scouts placing a Hyde Park wreath in front of the tomb.

As we prepared for our service project, we were given the gift of lunch at a food court. Many options awaited us: Subway, Chipotle, Chick-fil-A (sadly, it’s Sunday), Dippin’ Dots, etc. Soon enough, we were stuffed and ready to serve.

-Ariel and Katie (but mostly Ariel)

Go Week DC Afternoon – Day 2

We started our afternoon with some service. After Friday’s wind storms, there were many tree branches on the ground, but we picked them up along with the litter.

Then we briefly explored the Kennedy Center and took a few photos from the terrace as well as inside the building. It was a really fancy building.

Afterwards we explored the Air Force Memorial and learned of its origins. We also payed a stop the gift shop,and after that we visited the Iwo Jima Marine Memorial. I bought a really cute panda plushy and other people in the grade bought items such as political gear. (Forgive us for some of the photos; it was really dark). Then we concluded our eventful day with dinner followed by a bus ride to the hotel and a devotional.

By: Ariel and Katie (but mostly Katie)

The Afternoon – Day 1 of D.C.

After we finished lunch, we visited many of the Smithsonian Museums. First we went to the National Museum of American History. This is where the Star-Spangled Banner that was over Fort McHenry is located. This particular flag inspired our country’s national anthem. (Sorry, we weren’t allowed to take a picture). Here are some other pictures of the museum. After, we visited was the National Museum of Natural History. This one was my personal favorites because there are so many areas, including an exhibit with live butterflies. This museum also contained the famous Hope Diamond.

We visited the National Air and Space Museum, filled with tasty freeze-dry ice-cream. I found myself entertained by many of the exhibits meant for younger children. Here are more pictures from the afternoon.

-Ariel and Katie

The Evening- Day 1 of D.C.

Dinner was at Hard Rock Cafe, which had some of the best mac ‘n cheese ever.

We visited the Jefferson Memorial, where all of the students scrambled to snap pictures for our history projects. The lake outside the structure was beautiful in the moonlight.

Then our tour guide led us to the MLK and Roosevelt Memorials. The MLK Memorial was simple and inspiring, filled with quotes centered around equality and kindness. Each of us posed with our favorite quote and took a picture. Later on, Roosevelt’s Memorial opened our eyes to the struggles and capabilities of those with disabilities. We also found the only Memorial dedicated to a dog in all of D.C.

The first day ended in a short devotional, and now we’re off to bed. The weather is nearly freezing and our feet are still incredibly sore, but it we’ll rise at 6:00 tomorrow morning for another day of service.

-Ariel and Katie

HP Go Week D.C. Airport

This morning our grade was up before the sun to reach our flights on time.We successfully boarded our flight to Atlanta and behaved spectacularly well during the flight. After landing in Atlanta, we rushed to make it to our flight to D.C. Everyone made it on time.We then departed for D.C. The flight went smoothly. Our bags also made it to D.C. despite the short layover. Everyone retrieved their bags and then we left for lunch.