Kentucky – Day 3

Today the group split up into our two teams once again, and went back to our work sites. Team one reinforced the boards supporting the bunk house and helped clear leaves around the housing. They also put gravel around the campfire area. Team two worked to put panels on the walls of the single mothers home and did some woodwork. When the teams reunited, we went to the Dewey Dam Park for a picnic of KFC! Delicious! Once we were done, we made a quick stop at Walmart for desert. We wrapped the night with a group devotional and then went to bed.

Kentucky – Day 2

Today the Kentucky team split up into two groups. The first group stayed at the main house and did repairs to the structure of the building. This includes raking and burning leaves and adding a siding skirt to the house. This group also enjoyed a short hike through the woods behind the housing. The second group went the house of a single mother and helped repair and renovate the home. They also helped with yard work and coloring a path for irrigation. All students in both groups were taught to use tools and how to measure and cut sheetrock. After the groups reunited and ate a dinner of pulled pork, we all went to The Museum of Loretta Lynn and Crystal Gale. We ended the night by having a big group devotion before going to bed.

Kentucky – Day 1

Today we began our venture to Kentucky! We arrived at the airport between 3:30-4:00 am. We flew to Baltimore and then had a connecting flight to Kentucky. During the layover, we used our time to get to know each other, and we played games such as uno. We met our guide, Curtis, and he led us to our cabins. After setting up our bedding, we enjoyed a home-cooked dinner of chili and corn bread. To end our night we sat around a bonfire and discussed our goals for the trip and participated in some team bonding. We are super excited to begin our first day of service tomorrow!

Ready to Serve – Kentucky

The Kentucky team is getting packed and ready to depart on our GoWeek trip to the Appalachian Mountains! We’ve spent these last few months familiarizing ourselves with the work that needs to be done and are trusting God to help us do our best. We are excited to leave bright and early 4am on Monday morning and spread the love of God to the people of Kentucky! Please keep our wonderful team in your prayers, and you’ll hear more from us once we arrive in Kentucky!!