Kigali, Rwanda: Day One, 9:00 am

We landed in Kigali at around 7:00 pm last night. There were no problems getting through customs or with collecting our luggage, and within thirty minutes, we had met the reps from Africa New Life and on our way to The Guest House.

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with glasses of sweet passion fruit juice. After getting our room assignments and setting down our luggage, we met up on the balcony for dinner. During dinner, one of the pastors from another team staying at The Guest House came over to introduce himself and ask us a bit about our trip. After a while, he asked if it’d be okay to show us a few of the card tricks he knows. For the remaining portion of our meal, we were captivated by his displays of slight of hand card magic.

Later that night, we dispersed back to our rooms for showers, pjs, and bed. Some stayed up on the balcony just to hang out and talk, and others went straight to sleep.

This morning, we woke to a beautiful sunrise and a wholesome breakfast. Afterwards, we began to get ready for church and for the rest of our day.



On Our Way

Team Rwanda met yestrday morning around 7:00 am at the CLC! We organized and loaded up the luggage, took a quick Team Photo, and started the drive up to Houston.

Once we got to Houston, everyone grabbed food and drinks before loading the plane. The flight went well, and about eight hours later, we landed in Amsterdam. Now that we have the time to stretch our legs, many of us went to one of the cafes for breakfast and coffee. Our flight to Rwanda is due to board in a few minutes, and we are due to land in Kigali around 7:00 pm.

We are all very excited to get there and start our work! IMG_2963IMG_2964.jpegIMG_2966.jpeg



Rwanda: Ready To Go

IMG_2905Team Rwanda has been counting down the days to GoWeek since our very first meeting, and it’s hard to believe that we’re finally leaving! Yesterday, we video called a representaive from Africa New Life, asking any last minute questions. Many of us have already packed, and some of us are still gathering some of the final items we need! (Let’s hope no one forgets anything!)

For the families staying back home in Austin, please pray for safe travels, as well as health for all of our team members.