4th Grade

The fourth graders supported the children’s ministry at Hyde Park by building pinwheels for the Easter services.  It was a beautiful day to work outside!  The students are focused on stewardship this week, so we took the opportunity to talk about the facilities at the Quarries campus and how to keep our environment clean.  

After we were through, the kids circled up and prayed over all the pinwheels before delivering them to the church for the Easter celebration.  

4th Grade – Day 1

Our 4th graders were so excited about serving the Hyde Park facilities team. They work so hard all year to maintain our school, we were glad to partner with them today! Each student served with a happy and willing heart. They truly reflected the love of Christ in their service work as well as leading the GOweek chapel today. They taught both our elementary and middle school student about our partner country, Ukraine.

“We picked up trash and helped put turf in the GaGa pit.” – Claire