The Church on Congress Avenue – Day 4

Today was our last day at The Church on Congress Avenue. We continued working on our various projects. Some of us went to a nearby apartment complex and delivered more VBS/TCCA flyers. We also continued to make confetti eggs (cascarones), bracelets, and continued to cut out name tags and paper towel rolls. We also started to make goodie bags for the kids too! We helped to vacuum the second floor of the church. Our VBS crew continued to work on their depot set for the stage. People were cutting, painting barrels and working with cardboard. They’re excited to help bring an awesome VBS to this church that will help the kids get to know Jesus better! 

We had a lot of fun this week – We particularly enjoyed spending time with each other, working together, and going out to eat on Congress Avenue – it’s a cool part of town. We enjoyed spending time with the people of this church, getting to know them and help them out with various things. Please pray that we take our experiences from this week and not take them for granted. GoWeek is special and we are all grateful for the opportunities Hyde Park gives us to serve!

The Church on Congress Avenue – Day 3

Today was day three of our adventure! Some new tasks came today. While we continued to cut out flyers and name tags and continued sanding wooden blocks, we began to cut out the name tags we designed at our previous GoWeek meetings. We set up tarps outside for a bouncy house that we got to blow up and clean, before putting it away later on. Some of us worked on making cascarones (confetti eggs) this afternoon, too.

We also began to work on a set for TCCA’s upcoming VBS, which included cutting foam with a hot knife, painting and spray painting barrels and boxes, and building props and sketching outlines for their cutouts. Jin, who was working on the props this afternoon said “The activities will be fun when they’re done, even though they’re hard to create, it’s easier when you picture the kids having fun with them and it’s worth it.” Lauren’s favorite thing is hanging out with friends and teachers, in fact we’ve all had fun hanging out and getting work done with each other for the people of this community! Tomorrow is our last day here – please pray for us as we finish our work!

The Church on Congress Avenue – Day 2

Our time at The Church on Congress Avenue continues! We arrived this morning and immediately got back to work. Our groups were doing different things throughout the day. Some of us continued to cut out the flyers we began to cut yesterday. Everyone else took the ones that were already done and went to nearby apartments and houses and delivered them in an effort to spread the word about the upcoming Rocky Railway VBS and other church events. Following that, we walked around the shops on Congress for a bit and went to Torchy’s Tacos for lunch. When we came back, another group went out to deliver more flyers and the people who didn’t began sanding wood blocks and laminating/making the name tags for the upcoming VBS. Student’s favorite things to do today were cutting, sanding and eating Torchy’s. Max said “It was very relaxing and fun.” Jackson said passing out flyers was fun because “got to go outside and be one with the community.” Today was great and we look forward to the rest of the week. Please keep us in your prayers as we continue to serve!

The Church on Congress Avenue – Day 1

Today was our first day at the Church on South Congress! We started off our day by getting to know our group a little bit better and then we got to work. We did various tasks, including making bracelets, name tags and station signs for VBS, and cutting flyers to hand out. We had lunch at Home Slice Pizza and resumed the work we started in the morning until it was time for us to leave for the day. Please pray for our group as we continue to serve the rest of the week!