#TeamColombia 3.9.19 – Hello from Bogota!

Hello from Bogota, Colombia!

This morning we met at the airport at 10am or so in Austin, flew to Atlanta and then onwards to Bogota! We’re currently in the van to our hotel – no bags lost and everyone present! It’s 12:30am and we’re ready to get to bed.

We’ll be waking up and going to church in this morning to start our trip! Please pray for our well being as we get used to this new and different environment!

#TeamColombia has arrived!

Thanks for reading!

Landon Smith

3.8.19 – Ready to roll!

After many months of learning about where we’re going, what we’ll be doing, and getting to know each other better, our team is finally heading to Bogotá, Colombia…TOMORROW!!The wait is finally over!

We are beyond excited to see what God has in store for us – and we can’t wait to touch the lives of the people of Bogota!

I’m Landon Smith, a junior at HPHS, and I’ll be keeping you posted (literally) about what we’re up to down in Bogota throughout this week! I’ll be sharing info about our trip each night between now and Saturday, March 16!

Hyde Park is blessed to be able to go out and serve in 11 different countries (including the United States) and 8 different destinations in the United States – not to mention a bunch of different places in Austin alone! So while I encourage you to keep checking out the Colombia blog each night, I also encourage you to look at the blog posts from other teams as our community heads out to serve all over the world.

Again – we are PUMPED, and can’t wait to get started on Sunday morning – only a day of travel stands in our way!

Please pray for safe travels for our team as we prepare our hearts to serve in Bogota!

Thanks for reading!

Landon Smith