Community First! Village – Day 3

The last days at Community First saw the team finish picnic tables and a driveway for a shed.  The team split up in two groups and worked very hard to finish both projects before the end of the week.  The entire property is so clean, planned out, and full of creative landscaping and yard art.  When you drive up to the property you can feel a sense of pride in the physical space around you but also a ‘sanctuary’ for everyone there.  We loved driving up each day and knowing we would be serving such a special place not just in Austin, but in the country.

Community First! Village – Day 2

There are nearly 50 acres of land at Community First Village which allows for plenty of space for picnic tables!  Today we are restoring about 10 tables, sanding, staining, painting and even replacing boards.  Fortunately we have power sanders to work with but unfortunately they are very loud!  Throughout the day we have been able to meet a few other residents of Community First as well as Charles, one of the employees who spoke at our Hyde Park chapel last year.  Our day was cut a little short because Will accidentally cut his hand and needed stitches!  Praying Will can be healed and get back to work with us on Wednesday.

Community First! Village – Day 1

Today was a half-day at Community First Village filled with a constant light rain the entire day.  We met our guide for the week, Will, who is a resident of Community First and credits Alan Graham, the founder of Mobile Loaves & Fishes for “saving his life”.  Will is 5 years sober from a heroin addiction and now has a sustainable job working at Community First and pays all his bills for his home on the property.  It was very interesting hearing his story and how God used the Graham family, and others, to take care of Will and get him to where he is today.  We look forward to working with him this week.