Guatemala: Day 2

March 12

Today we got to do one of my favorite things from last year. We went to see Estella!!

Before that, we had breakfast and worked on various jobs. A few people continued to help sort/store donations and chop up the fallen trees. The rest cleaned up the side of the mountain where there is a prayer path and fruit trees. It was hard work but very satisfying.

Next, we boarded the Tuk-Tuks and went into town to see Estella. She used to work as a cook for the Manna kids at Eagle’s Nest but developed a growth that needed surgery. Pedro and Fehlis raised the money to pay for the operation. Now, groups that visit Eagle’s Nest take an afternoon to experience authentic Guatemalan culture and food. On her property is an old adobe house coated in soot from the open fireplace inside. That is where her husbands parents grew up. The meal she made us is the one I’ve been looking forward to all year long!! First, we got hot chicken broth. Then we got the tortillas we had just made. Finally, we got her famous fried chicken served on a bed of rice. To finish it all off, she served us cold glasses of Coke and tiny bananas.

When we walked back to Eagle’s Nest, we were just in time for Manna. Today, we did a skit about the fiery furnace and made bracelets and necklaces with them. Morgan taught the girls how to finger knit. They loved it!

After that, per usual, we hung out with the kids in the home. The older girls did face masks with us and we painted fingernails.

Unfortunately, it seems like some of the pictures are not posting. I’ll include as many as I can but expect a big photo dump on our last day!

Prayer Requests

– Sustained energy

– Success with our Spanish

– Health and safety

– Vulnerability and humility

Guatemala: Day 1

March 11

Our first full day at Eagle’s Nest!

We started off our day with a visit to the school to perform a skit for the kids. We told the story of Jesus feeding the 5000. Afterwards, we had a delicious breakfast of pancakes and fresh fruit.

This morning, Pedro took us on a tour of the property and told us about its history. It was built in the 70s for a company retreat then abandoned and used by the government for the same purpose. However, it was left empty both times for the same reason: no one wanted to have to drive through the extreme poverty to get to their beautiful vacation spot. It was finally purchased by Larry and Claire who would go on to found Eagle’s Nest.

The children here are judge appointed. You cannot adopt children in Guatemala due to its long history of corruption. These kids can stay until they are 18 and learn all kinds of skills. They can attend school and are constantly taught about God and His love for them. They have access to counseling and medical attention. It is amazing getting to serve in such a special place.

We had lots of different jobs today. Some people painted the girls’ room, some wielded machetes to take care of some fallen trees, and some helped sort and store out donations in the storeroom.

Today, tomorrow, and Wednesday we will be helping with Manna in the afternoon. It is an after school program for the kids from the village. They get to eat, play, and hear about God. For some, this is their only meal of the week. Today, they got to swim! We also got to do watercolors with them.

After Manna, we were free to go and hang out with all the kids that live in the home. It was so much fun to play with them and love on them.

Tonight, we had dinner then practiced our skits and had a game night.

Prayer Requests

– Energy

– Safety while working

– Success on our jobs around the site

– For us to set a good example for the kids

– For the people of Guatemala to be impacted by our time and work here

Guatemala: Pre-Trip

I can’t believe it is finally here!!

We will be leaving for Guatemala in 3 short days, and our whole team is beyond excited to share God’s love and joy with the people there. Our amazing group will be staying and serving at Eagle’s Nest in Solola, Guatemala.

See our previous post for a full group picture of our team. My name is Abbie Seale and I am a junior. This will be my second year at Eagle’s Nest and I am so excited to be blogging about our experiences. I will try to post daily, but internet connection may be spotty. Expect a new update for each day, but it might not be able to be published every night.

Throughout the trip, I will be asking for specific prayer needs. See the end of each post for those requests.


Abbie Seale

Prayer Requests

– Safe travels to Atlanta and Guatemala

– An efficient bus ride into Solola

– For God to open our hearts to His plan for our trip

– For the people of Guatemala to be receptive to our words and actions