Jamaica WBO – Day 4

Our last day was a tough goodbye, but we still managed to put in all of our effort to help out around the school. Despite a few of our classmates not showing up, we still put in our all. We continued to teach taxes to the 5th graders and cut out seemingly endless sheets of paper in the copy room. These kids will stay in our prayers and I hope that they took some inspiration from us along the way. That’s a wrap for Stay Week 2020! #goATX

Jamaica (ASL) – Day 3

Today we continued to help out the Facilities Department by raking leaves, cleaning, hauling trash, hanging posters…Several HP students were able to interact in ASL with  TSD employees and students. The appreciation from the school was heartfelt. Mrs. McCarty wants to make this a monthly service project next year!

Jamaica WBO – Day 2

Our team served the students and teachers of Caraway Elementary School today in kindergarten through fifth grade classrooms. Currently this school has 850 students and is overcapacity with their enrollment by 200+ students. With that said, the teachers were appreciative we were there to serve in any capacity. We helped students in the classroom with their reading, writing, math and science skills.  Our students were able to assist students with learning disabilities that need more one on one classroom assistance. The kids at Caraway enjoyed having the “big teenagers” on their campus to hang out with them and are overjoyed we are staying all week.