Pillow Elementary Day 4

As the week is concluding, we feel practically inseparable with the kids.

It has been a privilege this week to serve Pillow with my friends and I feel very thankful of this experience. I have been shown so much love by the children and truly feel very blessed.

Today we continued to decorate the halls in preparation of field day. Some students came up with class cheers that they will perform tomorrow. The Pillow students are practicing these cheers with much joy and can’t wait to show their peers.

In first grade we gave the students a spelling test and a math quiz. Jared, Josh, and I were also given timed math quizzes to take with the students. Jared and Josh both got one hundred percent, but sadly I couldn’t even come close to the first graders scores. ( With my failure I received hugs from every kid in that class and felt very encouraged)

During recess today, some Hyde Park students played another riveting basketball game, and played games with the kids.

We left Pillow ready for our next adventure which just so happened to be Chili’s. Everyone ordered food and we chowed down after our long day of work and play.

We are looking forward to field day tomorrow, but we are also sad that the week is coming to a close.

Pillow Elementary Day 3

Although we’re halfway through the week, our hearts are already full of love. We came to serve the students, but we feel very spiritually filled by these kids.

We started the day with Ms. Polski’s “mudge” (mole-fudge) and the day just got better from there. Once we got to the school we were greeted with hugs and a cheer from the kids. We mainly worked on preparing for field day. This included: painting pictures of a giant raspberry, drawing pictures of yogurt cups, and decorating many bulletin boards. Some students spent most of their time cutting out about 1,500 “Panther Pesos” and other cut out unique and intricate paper kites.

In first grade, we helped the kids comprehend the factor families and practiced our song about raspberries about 10 times.

” My favorite part of today was cutting out over one hundred and fifty laminated papers.”

-Amelia McConnico

We left with hungry stomachs as we headed to Sonic for some snacks. I loved bonding with everyone at Sonic, and we are all very excited to return tomorrow.

-Kate Newman

Preparing for Pillow Elementary 3/8/19

The team and I are very excited as we are about to head into GO week. In our last meeting we discussed our jobs, duties, and went over our daily schedule. We’re looking forward to our fudge and sonic treat on Wednesday.

As a returner to Pillow, I am especially excited and hopeful to see the kids we worked with last year. We made such deep connections with them in the short amount of time we had there, and this is my hope for this year.

“I am most excited to spend time with friends, old and new! I’m so glad to serve Pillow Elementary and build relationships with the kiddos there.” -Jilly Nickens

We would love if you would pray for the children we are serving, and that God would give us opportunities to spread His love.

I’ll update you again soon,

Kate Newman