Rwanda – Day 3

Our team started off the day a little different than usual. We first split up into two different groups. Five of us went and joined the TLC program while the rest stayed to help around the school. The TLC program allows older kids with disabilities get out into the city and go to places such as: the church to help clean, HEB to go grocery shopping, or even participate in internships. While five of us helped with this program the other part of our team stayed at the school to work outside. We began with the beautification project by cleaning up the memorial garden and raking up the leaves. We then continued by sanding down one of the picnic tables and painting it pink, yellow, and blue. Around 12, our group all met up again to eat lunch. The school was so kind to provide us with pizza After our break we joined the kids to have a planting party.

All of us had a wonderful time getting to watch the students help us plant and water the gardens. It was such a joy to get to be a part of it. Finally, after we cleaned up from the garden we joined the kids at the student store. This ended up taking a great turn into a dance party. Getting to see the joy some of the students had getting to dance around made it ten times better. These kids are such a blessing and touched each and everyone of our hearts .I also want to thank the staff at the school and how much of a blessing they are. The entire school showed us nothing but kindness and seeing them interact with the children is so sweet. It was very hard to leave but our team will for sure be back to visit.

Rwanda – Day 2

This morning we immediately jumped into gardening when we got to Rosedale. We began by weeding all of it out and then laying down compost. We did this until about 11:30 when we took our break for a devotional from Molly Coehlo and some snacks. We then joined our friends from Rosedale at lunch and gym. We got to play basketball, swing, and even get our hair braided by Alexis again. These kids are so easy to love and are constantly making every single one of us smile. We are  so excited to get to go back one last day to see them. 

Rwanda – Day 1

Going into day 1 at Rosedale, our team did not know what to expect. Before getting to the school we sat down at a local coffee shop to have a devotion. Our team prayed for Jesus to work through us and open our hearts to all the children there. We then arrived at the school where we were introduced to the principal, Elizabeth Dickey. She explained to us the importance of the school and general ways to act around those with disabilities. We first served in the garden out front by clearing up all of the weeds. Half of our team then went to Shoal Creek Nursery to buy flowers, herbs, and other plants, while the other half met up with the children at lunch.

Our team then all met up to have P.E. and play with the children. This part of the day stuck out to most of our team. The children and their smiles brightened our day in ways we did not expect. One 18 year old girl who attended Rosedale sat down and braided all the girls hair while others play with the other children. Many fell in love with “the trio.” The trio were three boys named Ivan, Alex, and Kevin. These three were so upbeat and managed to make everyone smile. These kids and very many more were the highlights of our day. Once P.E. was over we then went back to the garden to plant the new flowers and tidy up. At the end of the day we had all fallen in love with Rosedale and are very excited to be able to go back tomorrow.