Ukraine – Day 3

Today we got to spend the day at Candlelight Ranch for the second day in a row. We got to split up into two groups of five and do multiple projects all around the camp. While one group was flattening gravel for a zip line and organizing a shed on the dock, the other was cleaning out some plants at the front gate, hanging a net for archery, and clearing out space for a stream to flow. Just the way that everyone was reacting to our work and how grateful they were for us to be there was all the motivation we needed. The smiles on their face as they saw our hard work was just amazing and we had so much fun doing this for their ranch.

Ukraine – Day 2

Today we drove down to Candlelight Ranch in Marble Falls. Candlelight ranch primarily serves special needs and at risk youth, as well as their families. Our first task was to do some maintenance on their garden. They had planted different types of edibles greens and native flowers, but it had become somewhat overgrown. We put a layer of fertilizer and mulch over the existing soil and picked out the weeds. Next, we worked on a stairway that had been eroded by horses they recently led down it. It was caked with mud, so our task was to uncover the rocks again and put mulch around the sides to prevent further erosion. We are going back tomorrow, so we’ll see what work they have in store for us then.

-Sarah Vaughn