Washington D.C. Day 5 2019

Today we started our day at the hotel, with our last delicious breakfast of the trip. We then grabbed our suitcases and said our goodbyes to the hotel. After that, we got on the buses and headed to the Museum of the Bible. The museum featured many interactive exhibits and gave us a deep look into the stories of the Bible. At the museum we were able to eat a delicious lunch on the 6th floor of the building.

After the Museum of the Bible we went to a Washington D.C. essential, The White House. We were able to walk around the exterior of the building and take in the centuries of rich history the building contains.

After The White House we said bye to D.C. and went to The Air Force Memorial in Arlington, Virginia. We got to see the metal sculptures that span many feet into the air. Our group even had the opportunity to watch a re-enlistment ceremony at the memorial.

After the memorial we said our final goodbyes to our trip and headed to Regan National Airport to fly home. We got to the airport and ended our very successful visit to Washington D.C.

– Alex Alcorta and James Magruder

Washington D.C. Day 4 2019

Today, we started out at our normal time and ate some delicious breakfast at the hotel. We then went to a Wider Circle to complete various service projects. The projects went from organizing and folding linens and clothes to heavy lifting.

After a Wider Circle, we went to lunch at the Regan Building and enjoyed various options of food given to us. After lunch, we went to the Smithsonian’s National History Museum. This museum demonstrated our countries history and even displayed modern exhibits like Julia Child’s kitchen.

After the National History Museum, we had a very fun visit to the FBI. The FBI was very interesting and we got learn the various career paths of FBI workers. We were able to experience hands on activities like finding hidden cameras and sitting in real police cars.

Our next activity of the day was the Museum of Natural History, where we were able to visit many cool exhibits. We got to go to an exhibit about gems, and we also got to go to an exhibit about things found in the ocean.

After The Museum of Natural History, we ate a delicious dinner at Carmine’s Italian Restaurant.

After dinner it was time to do our daily memorial visiting. We started our memorial tour with the Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial. We were able to pay our respects and be inspired by the quotes of this amazing man. After, we went to FDR Memorial. We got to see the 4 waterfalls to represent each term of his presidency. After we visited our last memorial, the Thomas Jefferson Memorial. At the memorial, we got to honor one of our greatest presidents by taking in the nearly 19 foot tall statue.

After the memorials, we took the bus back to the hotel and concluded our night with devotionals at the hotel.

– Alex Alcorta and James Magruder

Washington D.C. Day 3 2019

Today, we started our day with breakfast around 7:15 this morning. We then headed straight for The Capitol Building. Our first stop of the day was The Supreme Court Building, where we walked around and observed the beautiful architecture.

Our second stop of the day was The Library of Congress where we had the opportunity to visit some of the beautiful halls of the building and a baseball exhibit. The building is known to be one of the prettiest buildings in D.C. and has thousands of books.

Our next stop was the Capitol Building. We went on a guided tour of the building and got to see many of the statues and pieces of artwork. We then ate a delicious lunch at the building’s cafeteria.

After the Capitol we headed down and across the Potomac River to Mount Vernon, where we explored Washington’s adult home. We enjoyed the hundreds of acres of land alongside the Potomac and the stunning house that stands on the land. We had the opportunity to visit most of the rooms in the house and enjoy detailed presentations of rooms in the house.

After Mount Vernon, we to Pie Pizzeria in Downtown D.C. We enjoyed some delicious thin and deep dish pizza. Soon after, we got to enjoy a treat at the Flagship Milk Bar near Logan Circle. We enjoyed various different desserts from Cereal Milk Soft Serve to Confetti Cookies.

After our dinner and a treat, we went to the 9/11 Memorial near the Pentagon. We were able to pay our respects to those who passed away during the attacks.

After the 9/11 Memorial, we got on the buses back to the hotel to do devotionals and get to bed.

– Alex Alcorta and James Magruder

Washington D.C. Day 2 2019

Today, we started our day out at 7:30 A.M. and enjoyed a delicious breakfast at our hotel. Right after breakfast, we headed straight to the US Marine Corps Memorial in Virginia. We were able to walk around and pay our respects to the Marines who served us.

Soon after that, we arrived at our next destination, the Arlington National Cemetery. Our grade was able to walk around the 624 acres of land it covers as well as honor those who served our country. We also got to observe the changing of the guards and some members of our grade also found their relatives in the cemetery.

Quickly after our 2 hours at the Arlington Cemetery, we grabbed some lunch at the Pentagon Fashion Center food court.

After our lunch, we completed one of our community service projects by picking up trash for the National Park Service. We picked up trash near the Lincoln and Korean Memorials.

After our service project we went to The Kennedy Center and visited the venues it had to offer. We were even able to visit the rooftop and observe the views of the D.C. area.

After the Kennedy Center, we went to the Ford Theatre and observed where Abraham Lincoln took some of his last breaths. We also visited the room where he passed away across the street.

Soon after, it was time to eat!!! We ate at Texas Jacks Barbecue in Arlington, Virginia.

After dinner, we went to our final activity of the day, The Vietnam, Korean, and Lincoln Memorials. There, we were able to pay our respects to one of our presidents and several soldiers. As well as the memorials, we also saw the Washington Monument, and we took a “few” pictures.

We then concluded our night with devotionals on the buses and then headed to our rooms.

-Alex Alcorta and James Magruder

Day 1 Washington D.C. 2019

Our trip to Washington D.C. started at the crack of dawn when we arrived to the airport at 3:30 A.M. Sooner or later, we arrived in Baltimore to start our first fun day of adventure. We left the Baltimore airport and headed straight to the Smithsonian’s Air and Space museum on the National Mall in D.C.

After the Smithsonian’s Air and Space Museum, we headed to a small food court to enjoy some fresh lunch after the early travel morning. After the food court, we went to the National Archives, and we were able to see many original documents such as the Constitution. Unfortunately, we were unable to take any photos at the National Archives, so we took an exterior shot of the building.

The last and final museum of the day was The National Holocaust Museum. At the museum, we were able to get an in- depth experience of what the victims of the Holocaust experienced. The museum had many displays and detailed videos.

After the Holocaust Museum, we enjoyed a delicious dinner at Hard Rock Cafe and picked up some souvenirs from Joe’s Souvenir Shop nearby. Lastly, we made a brief stop at the World War ll Memorial and took in the sacrifices people made for our country during the war.

– Alex Alcorta and James Magruder